Aanika Biosciences and De Beers Group are Working Together to Explore Biotechnology-Enabled Traceability for Diamonds

Source: De Beers UK

Biotechnology startup Aanika Biosciences and De Beers Group, the world’s leading diamond company, are working together to explore the possibility of using Aanika’s ‘Living Device’ platform to support enhanced traceability for diamonds. Aanika and De Beers Group will investigate whether the technology has the potential to complement initiatives De Beers Group is already leading, such as the Tracr platform.

Aanika’s ‘Living Device’ platform works by turning dormant microbes into microscopic tags. De Beers Group, which supplies around one-third of the world’s rough diamonds by value, will examine the potential of biotechnology through microbial tagging in the diamond sector.

“Chemical, optical and digital technologies have been the ‘go to’ for large manufacturers, but I believe we are now entering the era of biotechnology-enabled solutions”, according to Aanika CEO Vishaal Bhuyan.

Neil Ventura, Executive Vice President of Strategy & Innovation, De Beers Group, said: “De Beers Group is pioneering traceability solutions for the diamond industry, including through the leading Tracr platform, and we are always interested in new technologies that could complement and support our approach. We believe Aanika’s technology offers interesting potential and we are intrigued to explore how it may be of benefit in the diamond sector.”

The exploratory work with Aanika is being led by De Beers Group Ventures, part of Ignite ™️, the company’s innovation division, which is focused on working with start-ups and growth companies to pursue strategic opportunities that benefit De Beers Group and the diamond industry.

Aanika was founded in 2018 to use biological engineering to address shortcomings of chemical, digital and hardware technologies within the context of complex supply chains. The company’s investors include Draper Associates and SOSV.

Leveraging biology to track, trace and authenticate products through the supply chain. (Formerly Carverr)