Carverr Hires Dr. Eduardo Morales as Head of Research & Development

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that Dr. Eduardo Morales has joined Carverr as Head of Research & Development. Dr. Morales was previously VP of R&D at uBiome, a biotechnology company that used machine learning and artificial intelligence to read and analyze the human microbiome. Eduardo’s technical experience in extracting key insights from microbial communities adds tremendous value to Carverr’s product offerings. Moreover, Dr. Morales’ management experience, having built and led large inter-disciplinary teams for uBiome, make him a natural fit as Head of R&D.

Carverr builds traceable probiotics and custom microbiomes for large customers, primarily in the food and agriculture industry.

Leveraging biology to track, trace and authenticate products through the supply chain. (Formerly Carverr)

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