Carverr is now Aanika Biosciences!

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In order to better reflect our mission to protect global supply chains, we have decided to change our name to Aanika Biosciences. “Aanika” is derived from the Hindu goddess Durga, who protects the world from Evil. So while we will do our best on that front, we can help bring increased transparency and traceability to the world.

At Aanika, we create nearly indestructible, yet safe microbial tags that can be applied to a variety of products at various points in the supply chain. These tags are orders of magnitude more robust than other dna-based tags and can be used to generate more granular and richer data related to a customer’s products and processes. Large producers in the food and agricultural space are just some of the players who can use our system to limit recalls, ensure product integrity, verify origin and authenticate materials. The company was launched in October 2018 and are backed by Draper Associates and SOSV.

We are also proud to launch our new website: which we hope you enjoy!

Leveraging biology to track, trace and authenticate products through the supply chain. (Formerly Carverr)