New Research from Aanika Bio Proves Biomolecular Tags Can Enable Leafy Greens Traceability

Naturally-produced microscopic tags encode supply chain information using GS1 Standards

Brooklyn, NY (October 21, 2020) — Aanika Biosciences announced the results of groundbreaking research validating the use of the company’s naturally-produced biomolecular tags in supporting improved traceability throughout the leafy greens supply chain. Aanika’s Lettuce Defender tags are virtually indestructible microscopic containers that leverage GS1 Standards, the most widely-used supply chain standards in the world.

Lettuce Defender makes it possible for the first time to individually tag every head of lettuce at the farm of origin with a Global Location Number (GLN) and other GS1 keys, which helps trading partners understand product origins consistently as it moves through the supply chain. It is applied in minute amounts during post-harvest washing with no interruption of established processing procedures. The research revealed that Aanika’s biomolecular tags can withstand a wide range of environmental conditions encountered during the product journey. The information contained in biomolecular tags were also easily retrieved using simple diagnostic-type tests, providing end-to-end traceability.

“Produce originating from different farms can be identified using Aanika’s tagging system in combination with GS1 Standards, even in bags of mixed greens,” said Dr. Ellen Jorgensen, Chief Scientific Officer at Aanika Biosciences. “Our data showed that Lettuce Defender tags are remarkably rugged. The tags do not come off when produce is washed in running water for several minutes, are not destroyed by microwaving, frying, or steaming, and can even withstand weeks of produce decay. This is revolutionary because it now makes standardized supply chain information accessible in a way that was never possible before and can help limit the size of recalls in the leafy greens industry.”

Aanika will continue to collaborate with GS1 US to incorporate standards into the traceability technology.

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